Salitix are specialist forensic auditors exclusively serving UK Grocery suppliers with a supplier focused sales audit

We collect
your data

We reconcile your transactions

We deliver
£ benefit

We review in excess of £20 billion pounds of annual sales invoicing and customer charges for our clients, recovering many millions of pounds of lost revenue on these transactions’ year in, year out!

About Salitix

Salitix was founded in 2011 and we are a professional forensic audit business serving the UK Grocery supply base. We are the only service provider in the UK offering a supplier focused ‘sales audit’. We have in excess of 100 years of combined forensic ‘profit-recovery’ audit experience that enable us to deliver exceptional results for our clients and their brands.

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We deliver in excess of £20m
annually for our clients


The security of our clients data is a critical component behind our longevity and success and is central to our business focus and professional service. We are:



We collect...

We collect transform and store key historic trading data for the purpose of reconciling the trading activity it relates to.


We reconcile...

We reconcile the sales you make to your Grocery customers and:

  • reconcile the funding charges they make for the promotional activities you have with them
  • reconcile the relevant contracts and/or agreements that Govern your commercial relationship
  • we manage and defend the audit claims presented by their audit teams – the ‘goods for resale’
  • we secure ‘audit protocol’ agreements with the finance/audit team

We deliver...

  • Reduced exposure to GFR audit claims
  • We identify claims in your favour that were previously not identified and get them paid to you
  • We protect your commercial relationships by keeping audit claims separate from it
  • Provide insights into best practice
  • Reduce the time and resources otherwise required to manage audit claims

If you think Salitix sounds like a business that your skills and interest would be a good fit with, then send us your CV and any ideas about what you could bring to the business to the following address [email protected]