What is Profit Recovery / Forensic Auditing?

Is the process by which an auditor reviews a company’s financial transactions with both its customers and its suppliers in order to reconcile those payments against the contracts against which they are paid. Overpayments, under-deductions and a range of input errors are not uncommon in companies with lots of transactions, particularly in fast moving markets – like Grocery Retail.

Few companies in highly transactional environments have the time, resources, or necessary skills to conduct detailed reviews of their commercial relationships, or the transactions that underpin them, while typical accounting systems are designed to achieve something quite different. If your focus is on growing your business, then your resources and processes are normally optimised to facilitate this primary objective.

Profit recovery auditing allows astute, commercially sensitive businesses to focus on their core objectives, without compromising long-term profitability and continuous process improvement.

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We deliver...

  • Reduced exposure to GFR audit claims
  • We identify claims in your favour that were previously not identified and get them paid to you
  • We protect your commercial relationships by keeping audit claims separate from it
  • Provide insights into best practice
  • Reduce the time and resources otherwise required to manage audit claims

We reconcile...

We reconcile the sales you make to your Grocery customers and:

  • reconcile the funding charges they make for the promotional activities you have with them
  • reconcile the relevant contracts and/or agreements that Govern your commercial relationship
  • we manage and defend the audit claims presented by their audit teams – the ‘goods for resale’
  • we secure ‘audit protocol’ agreements with the finance/audit team

We collect...

We collect transform and store key historic trading data for the purpose of reconciling the trading activity it relates to.