Data Lines… its not binary baby!

To audit and reconcile to a high level of accuracy you need to collect the data associated with the thing you want to audit, verify the data collected (so you are sure it is what it purports to be) and then transform that data into something that you can easily work with, or that will […]

Defending Retailer Claims!

Another super example of how Salitix can make the difference for a busy supplier. Recently @Shane Barton was able to defend an £8K funding claim from one of the big 4 that was initially validated by our client. But why would a supplier validate a claim that was not valid and why would a 3rd […]

What Salitix do

Our services:  Salitix review historic commercial trading arrangements and promotional activity by trading year to identify:  – Overpaid and miscalculated funding   – Overrider amounts paid in error   – Fees paid in error for activity that did not take place   – Sales invoice pricing errors   – Duplicate charges   – VAT errors  We are delivering: • Complete, evidence-based […]

Auditing… forensic auditing…

Great work from Oliver Ansell this week: With CPI battles raging in the marketplace, we wanted to draw attention to our auditors ability to reconcile these arrangements and make sure that what was agreed, actually happens at the till. In this instance, the supplier had done the hard bit and got some price increases agreed by their […]

Web Giant to follow New Code

1st March will be remembered as an important day in the UK Grocery sector because it’s the day that Amazon fell under the auspices of the Groceries Supply Code of Practice. What is certain is that getting Amazon to trade fairly with its supply base will take time and will undoubtedly be a path with […]

What is a sales audit and why do I need it?

Is exactly that, an audit of the sales you have made to your customer. At Salitix we specialise in the sales of stock that Food and Drink suppliers make to the UK Grocers, like Tesco and Asda and the commercial arrangements that are made for increasing those sales, i.e. like in-store promotions and/or the joint […]

What is Profit Recovery / Forensic Auditing?

Is the process by which an auditor reviews a company’s financial transactions with both its customers and its suppliers in order to reconcile those payments against the contracts against which they are paid. Overpayments, under-deductions and a range of input errors are not uncommon in companies with lots of transactions, particularly in fast moving markets […]