How does Salitix add value to your data?

At Salitix we have two very different, but complementary skill sets. On the one hand, we have an experienced team of commercial auditors who have 1,000’s of hours of experience analysing and reconciling every kind of financial transaction that takes place between grocery retailers and their suppliers every day. This experience allows Salitix to recognise […]

Promotional over buys… do you think this is a sign of ‘collaborative’ trading?

Salitix regularly see promotional overfunding, particularly where discounted stock is pre-purchased (i.e., before the promotional sale has been made). The retailer purchases discounted stock in advance, often using a forecast to predict how much stock they will need to purchase to fund the expected sales at the till. So far so good (albeit remember that […]

Don’t discount a forensic audit for all your customers

At Salitix we know that conducting a review outside of the big five or six Retailers can be difficult or perceived as not worth doing because trading volumes are smaller and therefore promotional funding values less (and suppliers tend to get less audit claims from these customers??). There is also the challenge that if a […]

World’s largest online marketplace

Across our client base we hear and see stories of frustration and resignation about trading with the online giant, albeit tempered by the fact that for most, the size of the problem is tiny in relation to their trading elsewhere. But this does not mean trying to get them to work and do things properly […]

UK’s largest Health & Beauty Retailer

Salitix has a long history working with a variety of customers to help defend them against high street beauty retailer and their highly active and commercial 3rd party audit teams. What we have not done before is deliver a successful ‘womb to tomb’ sales audit reconciliation, negotiation and settlement. 2022 marks the first such process […]

One of Europe’s Largest Discounters

Salitix were handed a six-figure aged debt problem relating to Europe’s largest discounting business, including Italy, Greece and a number of other countries which our client had been unable to recover and no longer had time to chase. Over a 6-month period Salitix methodically worked through the debtor list, compiling evidence, identifying contacts, contact details […]

Cost of living crisis… what will it mean for your business?

What it will mean is that your customers, the Big Grocery Retailers, will be using every means possible to claw back those hard-fought CPI’s you may have secured in the last 12 months, or less. If history can teach us anything in the Grocery sector, it’s that when the going gets ‘even tougher’ than usual, […]

Why do I need a forensic audit?

Let’s be frank – Retrospective audit claims are a pain in the proverbial! They take up your time, they can be challenging to defend and it’s normally difficult to get to the data you require quickly and easily for all sorts of reasons, like poor account manager filing; Retailer portals that no longer hold the […]